The Hortons

These mischievous, lovable monster puppets have become members of our Sunday School and enjoy story telling, dressing up and working together. They don’t always see things in the same way we humans do, and often get things slightly muddled, but there’s usually a wise member from the church who can point them in the right direction and help them to understand.

Introducing the Hortons (from left to right):

Hannah, is always looking out for others and making sure they don’t get into too much trouble (a tough job for a little monster!). She loves having fun and doing everything creative (the mayhem that follows is all ‘creative mess’). There will most likely be a trail of glitter, flour, or icing sugar…

Hugo is the eldest of the group, not always the wisest (as the other Hortons will tell you) but he does his best and is always eager to learn new things…

Horris, being the youngest Horton, he’s the baby of the group. He loves to eat (and will try eating anything and everything- chocolate yule log, tinsel from the Christmas Tree, the church railings…)

Harry, although the smallest of the group he can be one of the loudest, alongside Hambledon, and the pair can often be found scheming plans of mischief and fun…

Hermione, is sometimes a little shy (as can all the Hortons from time to time) she is very much the girly girl of the group – she loves to dress up and always wants to look her best…

Hambledon is a big friendly monster, he can be a little clumsy and forgetful but his heart’s always in the right place and he loves an adventure…

…and then there is Blue Bird – the Hortons trusted friend. He’s a little camera shy but he keeps a watchful eye on them all and will ‘squawk’ if things are getting too out of hand. He loves to sleep up high on the old oak beams of the Chapel – but also finds it a good viewing point for everything going on below.

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Be a guiding light this Christmas


A beacon to lead those who’ve strayed and lost their way. To shine a light of hope when darkness surrounds a fellow being, whether friend, family or foe. A light that brings forgiveness, like the stoking of embers that gently warm and thaw cold hands and cold hearts. Rest and bathe in its glow and warmth.

Restore the flickering candle flames. Protect them from the icy winds that blow, that cut straight through the cracks in the old door, disturbing peaceful sleep with its shrill howling and rattling. Stand firm in the faith, knowledge and trust in the Lord. “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path” Psalm Ch 119:105

Encourage the flame to burn brighter, to shine its light for all to see. To make a difference. To guide people home this Christmas, like that first Christmas star.

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas Time – shine brightly, and may it last
throughout the coming year!

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