Love can always be found

Whilst doing a bit of clearing out in lockdown I came across some writing entitled ‘The People’s Credo, Faith and Hope’. Unfortunately I haven’t as yet been able to discover its origins, however it seemed very apt for our current times.

It talks about dark days and fear but love can always be found ‘for love is not all gone from the face of this earth’. Love may be found in unexpected places; in the eyes and a smile of a stranger, in the outstretched hand of a former foe. It can also be found in places of comfort; a phone call with a friend, a hand written card or video chat with family, the loving arms of your spouse, the nuzzling of a pet. ‘How many times have you forgotten to take time to enjoy the little things that we hold dear’?

There’s an abundance of love displayed in nature. Take time to look around you. We have a family of sparrows nesting in our neighbours roof, and it’s a real joy to finally see the baby sparrows sitting on the fence chirping away, still demanding to be fed. We also had our first birdbath visitor – a blackbird enjoying a good drink and splash around in the cool water on a hot spring day. The foxgloves, standing tall, are coming into flower in a variety of delicate shades. The fruits of the trees and shrubs are starting to form, bearing the promise of summer.

‘I will not forsake you’ Jesus promised, so however alone or broken-hearted you may feel, have faith in His words. ‘It’s an internal peace that reaches the very fibres of my being’.

‘Expect a glimmer of hope, a flashlight and a hand to rescue you…hang in there, for delivery is around the corner’.

Thinking of you all. Keep safe and well.