Love the life you live…

“The land provides enough for people’s needs, but not enough for their greed”

-a quote from ‘The Land Remains’. The performance given at Holtwood last month presented the artistry of story-telling through music, song, narrative and imagery, drawing the audience back in time. You could imagine the cold evenings spent by the fireside telling stories of times gone by; the watching of the weather and the waiting for signs of the season’s to turn to navigate and work the land… then the loss and upheaval brought by war, famine and empty promises.

This time of year by contrast, is full of promise and sees the trees blossoming and flowers beginning to bloom, adding a splash of colour and sunshine to the garden. We too can take a lead from the seasons, this Spring take the opportunity to live in the moment, the courage to blossom and realise your full potential, do something every day that makes you smile… “Love the life you live. Live the life you love” (Bob Marley)