Open Door

We’ve just entered into the season of lent, enjoyed a pancake (or two), and now very much looking forward to the Easter celebrations in April. With all the new arrivals in the garden, from the Spring blooms and blossoms to the birds starting to collect twigs and grass to build and renovate their homes ready for the nesting season, Spring really is full of life.

At the time of writing it’s a glorious Spring day – a warm welcome after the recent snow flurries and cold snap. The gorse flowers are already bursting into full bloom adding their own bit of sunshine even on a grey day. The lighter and gradually longer days certainly begin to nurture and transform the landscape around us from the frost hardened, seemingly barren earth to miraculously producing budding green shoots, leaves and filling it with so many colourful flowers of all shapes and sizes.

We’ve been doing a little, but much needed renovation ourselves at the Chapel. Last month we had a new glass front door designed and installed to create a lovely welcome. Where the old, large pulpit once stood, although still present (seamlessly incorporated within the front wall) it has left an empty space in the carpet. This has provided the opportunity to replace the existing carpet and inspect the underlying floorboards to ensure a solid foundation. Why not come along and see for yourselves how the works are progressing…


Designed by Inkshed Design Studio