You’re invited to join us for freshly flipped pancakes this Shrove Tuesday, 5th March. Bring along friends and family, choose your favourite toppings and refreshments and enjoy! Donations in aid church maintenance. Drop in anytime between 6pm and 8pm.

The three main pancake ingredients, each with symbolical meanings:

– plain flour – for our daily bread

– eggs – for creation

– milk – for purity

combined and blended together to create a delicious treat.

This treat forms a wonderful reminder of the Holy Trinity and our personal relationship with the Trinity. The toppings we each eagerly choose to give full flavour to the treat and experience, all wrapped within the hot pancake. Whether traditional lemon and sugar, golden syrup, or ice cream and chocolate! We each have our own individual, personal tastes, and in the same way we have our own gifts, talents and passions. Which when aligned and combined with the Trinity achieves happiness and fulfilment.

So the humble pancake, whilst being delicious, is a wonderful metaphor and reminder of God’s presence within our lives, and the amazing goodness He has in store for us. Sometimes we need to flip things round to gain clarity, change direction and realign ourselves with God – this is all part of the preparation that Lent provides.

Pancakes are being served up in our church hall. We look forward to seeing you there!