This Lent we are dedicating time during each Sunday Service to focus on ‘Rehab’.

The word ‘rehabilitation’ is used in many different circumstances including health related issues through to the environment and even politics. The word encompasses recovery, rest, restoration, renewal, refinement.

Lent is a time to seek restoration of our lives, in a spiritual, physical and habitual way. A time to spring clean, reset, upgrade. Each Sunday the display at the front of the chapel will continue to evolve as we explore the different themes.

Continuing on from Ash Wednesday, we recognised the limits placed on us by mortality and the depths of sinfulness. We then entered uncharted territory of the wilderness and what that could mean for us. Last Sunday we reflected on intervention, the ability to let go, casting before God things which were out of balance, sins, deeds, feelings, struggles. Trusting in God, letting him take control of all of these things as we continue on the journey through lent and the promises He has in store.

Come and join us for a refreshing, challenging and reflective time of worship together.