Harvest of apples

A big thank you to everyone involved in making the Harvest Celebrations go so well; for all the donated produce, the yummy hand baked goods and preserves, the delicious harvest lunch banquet, the harvest reflections and food for thought, your generosity at this special time of year (and for braving the stormy night of the Harvest sale!)

This year we had a successful harvest of apples – and discovered a variety of tasty uses; ranging from chutneys, freshly pressed apple juice, apple dumplings, apple cake, apple & tarragon flapjacks, sticky toffee apples… It’s amazing how one thing can be the key ingredient in so many recipes and the variety of tastes and appearances it produces once combined.

“Like apples of gold in settings of silver is a word spoken in the right circumstances” Proverbs 25:11

We have lots to be thankful for and harvest provides the perfect time to physically show our thanks and praise to God. For His abundant provisions for us each season, the individual talents and gifts given to each of us, the ability (and encouragement) to be the key ingredient in making a difference whether through word, deed, or just by being you.