…a little bit of magic?

November sees the start of the busy Christmas hustle and bustle – shopping centres packed full of people looking for that perfect gift, toys in abundance, mince pies and festive hot beverages on offer, booking delivery slots for your Christmas food, school nativity rehearsals, writing a check list to make sure you don’t forget anything or anyone…the old familiar Christmas songs played on the radio and in stores…not forgetting the Christmas jumper!

…does this all bring a smile to your face or does it start to fill you with a little bit of dread thinking of the amount of tasks to complete before the big day? If you could actually choose which parts of the winter season and Christmas festivities you experienced – what would you miss out?…and what does that leave you with?

Before we dismiss any traditions, tasks (or duties) try looking for the Christmas cheer in each experience; the parts you see people gathering together, the laughter, the sharing, true goodwill and love…there is a bit of magic to be found if we look for it…and the perfect gift is the same answer: Love. It’s the foundation of Christmas. The nativity is not just a story we tell as a tradition, it’s a reminder of God’s greatest gift to the world; His only Son, to find the lost and give eternal life to all those who believe in Him.

Some families, neighbours, friends and relatives at home and abroad will be facing a very different Christmas this year – where the excitement and comforts the usual hustle and bustle brings will simply not reach them. There are several gift schemes set up within our circuit – shoe boxes and food banks, but perhaps we can also each take a leaf out of Santa’s book and add a little bit of magic for someone in need…