Christmas Lights


As the evenings get darker and longer we look forward to the beautiful Christmas lights; whether the simplicity and elegance of candlelight, enchanting fairy-lights, outdoor lanterns or the warm welcome of the glowing embers from the fireside… even just one light shining brightly in the darkness is enough to give a welcome cheer, breaking through the shadows and dark shapes that line our paths as we make our way home.

Light is an important element of the Christmas celebrations; a symbolism of hope and guidance. The candles in the Advent Ring represent the Christmas story and the light of Christ coming into the world. The small fairy-lights adorning the tree represent the Christmas Star leading the way to the manger in Bethlehem where the newborn Christ was laid. In the same way lanterns are used to light our paths, guiding and welcoming us. The log fire represents eternal life and love – this dates back to the tradition of the yule log, where a piece of the log from the previous year was kept and then re-used to light the new log. The decadent rich chocolate yule log with layers of whipped cream, rolled into a spiral, served in round ‘eternal’ slices, is a delicious alternative way to capture the beautiful meaning as part of your celebrations. (Why not add a small candle on top?). Let your light shine brightly! We warmly invite you to join us throughout the celebrations…