Happy Easter

Which came first the egg, the chicken or the Bunny? Easter customs although handed down through generations, have had their meanings and origins adapted, blurred and lost over time. The shops are bursting with beautifully crafted and decorated hollow chocolate of all shapes and sizes – representing and celebrating the arrival of Spring.

As Christians the Easter egg is the symbol of new beginnings, the seed of life. The hard shell of chocolate represents the sealed tomb, and the (much anticipated) cracking open of the chocolate shell represents Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. Easter egg hunts have become a fun tradition, searching for the colourful eggs the Easter bunny has hidden around the garden. The hunt could represent the searching out of Jesus’ tomb, but the act of ‘seeking and finding’ has strong connotations for the search and struggle of faith in everyday life – how often does it feel that God is far away and hiding? Maybe the Easter egg hunt also represents our own personal journey of faith in which we need to remember:

“You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart”. Jeremiah 29:13

Wishing you a very Happy Easter…