Happy New Year

This winter has brought some amazing sunrises and sunsets where the sky has been flooded with beautiful colours and an enchanting glow for a brief moment in time. The frosty night skies have been crystal clear and filled with stars from hundreds and millions of light years away. Many a winter’s evening has been cheered by the warmth of a fire or the welcoming Christmas lights that always add a magical charm, transforming the everyday into a wonderland.

At this time of year the dark evenings seem to linger and consume the light that was enjoyed and shared at Christmas time, but we have to remember that light can be found in the darkest of places – darkness will never overcome the light, good will conqueror evil, love will prevail over hatred, and life will conqueror death.

We can be that light for others! Just like the Christmas lights in the run up to the big day bring a smile to young and old alike and symbolise the light of Christ, we too can give hope when all seems lost; to be that friendly smile, that helping hand, just to be there and to be you – can make all the difference…let your light shine brightly this year… (Matthew 5:14-16)

Wishing you a Peaceful & Happy New Year 2015.