“He’s got your back”

How reassuring is that phrase for you? Isn’t it great when you know someone is there supporting you, keeping an eye out for you and always there when you need them the most.

Sometimes our circumstances and situations can be all too overwhelming and you begin to wonder how you’ll ever make headway with the mounting  tasks in front of you… but it is at these times that you can glimpse the hand of God at work. Keep a look out for the glimmers of hope; the offers of help, things that seem to just fit perfectly that maybe you would never have considered before…

You’re where you are for a reason and God has a purpose for you, just as you are. He really has got your back. Take a moment to reflect on situations you have faced, that at the time you thought you’d never surmount – You made it through! Make a note of the help that came, how it came, who it came through, what made a difference and how that has led to where you are today in one way or another. It’s easier to see in hindsight, but as you take each step forward, you already have that reassurance to help pull you through. As we approach harvest time and the changing of the seasons there will be more beautiful visual evidence of His provisions for you, year after year, for eternity. Keep going and keep on trusting.