It’s Harvest Time!

It’s Harvest Time! You are warmly invited to come along, bring friends and family, and join in the traditional harvest celebrations! It’s a beautiful occasion and a highlight of our calendar year here at Horton Heath.

It’s the visual delight, the jewel like colours, and the tantalising smell of the delicious fresh produce and seasonal bounty. Whilst we eagerly await the celebrations in our little village chapel, how do we even begin to comprehend all the goodness that is stored and waiting for each and everyone in the feast that’s yet to come!

“The hungry heart He satisfies
Offers the poor His paradise
Now hear all Heaven and earth applaud
The amazing goodness of the Lord

Sing with thankfulness songs of pure delight
Come and revel in Heaven’s love and light
Take your place at the table of the King
The feast is ready to begin!”

(Lyrics  from ‘The trumpets sound’ written by Graham Kendrick )

Happy Harvest Time!