One church together

We were recently warmly welcomed, to join other churches in our local and surrounding area, to celebrate our one faith, and the one church together. Although we are each from different disciplines and have different ways of worship, we are all linked through our faith. It’s a lovely opportunity to meet new people, share fellowship together, learn new songs and encourage each other in our faith.

Our welcome service was a ‘Songs of Praise’ evening. Incorporating hymns chosen by members from the different churches, accompanied by what the song personally meant to them and their faith. Many of the hymns chosen had seen people through tough personal times, providing strength and reassurance, others were fond memories of a time of celebration.

Throughout life we each face mixed blessings, but we never face them alone. God is always there with us in one guise or another. Often through music, each other, even through the kindness of strangers. Providing comfort, joy, support, and strength at our time of need, carrying us forward.

One of the hymns aptly chosen to close the service was ‘The day Thou gavest, Lord, is ended’;

“As o’er each continent and island, the dawn leads on another day,

The voice of prayer is never silent, nor dies the strain of praise away”

(John Ellerton, 1870)

Reminding us that the Church is never sleeping. As our service ends another is starting elsewhere in the world. God is always watching and waiting, ready for us.