Drop in for freshly flipped pancakes anytime between 6pm and 8pm on Shrove Tuesday 4th March – with a delicious selection of sweet toppings to choose from and fun quizzes to tackle whilst you decide! Simply make a donation per pancake and enjoy!

This month is also home to a day dedicated to celebrating the special mother figures in our lives, past and present; those that support, care, nurture us…encouraging smiles even in the rain.

Every mother’s wish is for their child’s happiness, their pride is in seeing you follow your dreams. Know that where you are right now is where you’re supposed to be. Put worries aside, focus on the good things, listen to your heart and don’t forget to enjoy the now…You’re someone’s greatest accomplishment! Have a special day however you choose to celebrate and remember. It’s a reflection of an amazing love, defining in a tangible way part of God’s character…

This lent we are supporting Action for Children and invite you to take part too; there’s an Action for Children ‘Count your blessings’ activity sheet with a thought or action for each day of lent to raise awareness of things we are blessed with every day but often take for granted. No matter how small a donation, every penny counts towards helping a child and making a difference…donations can be sent direct to the Action for Children or placed in the dedicated donation box in the Chapel during each service in lent. Thank you in advance.