Roll of Honour

The 4th August 2014 marks the centenary of the day Britain entered the First World War. Here in Horton Heath, a Roll of Honour was prepared, recording the names of the seventy three of our men who joined the armed forces. Eleven did not return; Henry Wareham, Ernest Wareham, Arthur Taylor, Albert Hardiman, William House, John Williams, Walter Wilcox, Sidney Dowland, Cecil Bennett, Reginald Churchill, and Joseph Budden. We would like to commemorate the anniversary by finding out more about these men in particular who gave their lives during their service to their King and Country, as well as any accounts or information about those who served alongside them and made it safely back home. The Roll of Honour still hangs on the wall of the Chapel. During the Second World War, a prayer group met weekly to pray for each of the men from Horton Heath who were on active service. Each was named and prayed for individually. All returned safely!

Families listed also include Atkins, Bailey, Beasley, Bennett, Brewer, Chappell, Churchill, Clark, Collier, Collins, Dowding, Hardy, Haskel, Hayward, Head, Henning, Holloway, Hopkins, Lockyer, Longman, Morgan, Rendall, Renyard, Rose, Seeviour, Steel, Sweatland, Thorne, Warwick, White, Williams…unfortunately there are a few names that over time have faded – if you know of others from Horton Heath who served or if you have any information, details, stories or even pictures on any of the above names we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us here