Stormy weather

I’m currently writing this to you in a huge thunder storm! The torrential rain is flooding down the lane and the thunder is splitting and cracking through the sky with sharp forks of lightning, flashing and illuminating the clouds. The birds are flying for shelter, dogs are barking and one soggy moggy cowering under the car (now safely wrapped in a big towel) – such a reminder of how terrifying and powerful nature can be.

It is a sight to behold and fear. How much more so should this be how we revere God? In biblical times this sort of storm would be used illustrate the power and anger of God, installing a fear and reverence of His almighty power. But how often is God now portrayed as a cosy image, like a grandfather, there for wisdom and advice, providing comfort like an old, familiar cosy cardigan that you can wrap yourself in when you’re in need of comfort and want to get away from the world… we can’t pick and choose the characteristics of God that we prefer, missing out the qualities we’re not so comfortable with dilutes His power and majesty.

He is incomprehensible, mysterious, righteous, powerful, forgiving, loving and accepting – there for the good times as well as the bad – and like a grandfather, He wants the best for us… but there are also times His anger needs to be shown – how many tears has He shed over each of us when we’ve lost our way or ignored His words, encouragement and prodding to act, speak or stand on His behalf for the good, the downcast or for those in need?

…And after the storm? You can be sure that the clouds break and the sun starts to stream through, the flooding and puddles disperse, the air is clear again and a sense of calm restored.

One of His loving provisions is the eternal cycle of the seasons and the goodness they bring – join us to celebrate the tastes, smells, beauty and creativity He has made, at our traditional Harvest thanksgivings: Sunday 2nd – Monday 3rd October. Great place to shelter from passing storms – plus coffee and harvest tea following the afternoon Sunday service to keep you warm and fed – all welcome.