Thank you

Our Sunday School would like to thank everyone for the generous gifts given for the homeless at the Christmas Tree service early in December. There were 213 items collected to create survival kits, distributed by the Salvation Army during the festive season. Throughout the service the Christmas Tree was adorned with traditional decorations – lights/ stars/ angels/ bells and baubles, revealing the legend of the Christmas tree and how it relates to the Nativity and beyond.

The prominent theme of faith, hope and love, encapsulated by the humble bauble and candy cane, is a gift that reaches beyond Christmas:

Faith – what it takes to tackle problems and challenges, a rock to base our lives on

Hope – to search for the good in things and for life eternal

Love – an everlasting love that responds to needs and puts others first. It’s the greatest gift, which was exemplified in the simple act of giving gifts for the homeless and the candy canes given to each of the congregation as a reminder of Jesus’ love for us all – the pure lamb of God, sacrificed for the sins of the world.

So as you store the Christmas decorations away, keep their meanings and spirit of Christmas with you throughout the year.