The Egg…

Hope you had a lovely Easter – if you also enjoyed soldiers and eggs as part of your Easter breakfast why not reuse the egg shells for sowing and growing seedlings; the empty shells can be filled with compost, the seeds carefully sown, then once the seedlings have established, gently crush the egg-shell and simply plant out, still inside their crushed shells (these will naturally breakdown and improve the soil too) – continuing the lifecycle that Easter time readily embraces and gives hope to.

The egg, a symbol for the gift of life is extrinsically linked to Easter and Spring in more ways than one:

– the rounded shape represents purity/ completeness/ eternal love

– broken, the shell must be broken to release new life / wholeness and goodness

Parallels can be drawn from this to the last supper and crucifixion:

– Jesus’ innocence, a pure, perfect being

– his body broken for you… but what was released from this act of divine love, dying on the cross that dark Friday afternoon?

…Death defeated and new life eternal – Easter in an egg-shell!