Wild flora & fauna

Have you noticed the wild flora & fauna? The many different shapes, sizes, colours, scents and just how delicate they appear, are truly fascinating. You can find them in so many places and flourish seemingly on their own. Whilst som varieties certainly spread like ‘weeds’ they are each perfectly formed down to the last detail; delicate petal, the veins on the leaves, the individual tiny thread like hairs to survive and thrive. They hold a real charm and beauty, filling in the gaps in borders, hedgerows, woodlands and meadows, giving pleasure to passers by with their splashes of colour. A treasure to behold.

How often though are these beautiful creations deemed as weeds; trodden on without a second thought, pulled up and uprooted from our gardens, overlooked as a weed as planted in the wrong place, something we didn’t cultivate. However they are robust creations, able to establish themselves in rocky soil, pushing their way through tarmac and bricks, surviving extreme conditions as they make their way towards the light. They’re not watered or nurtured by us but they seem to thrive every year.

Sometimes when we experience knocks, or hit turbulent times we can feel a bit like a ‘weed’; perhaps not good enough, or feel as though we are nothing special. We start doubting ourselves and limit ourselves, but these thoughts are far from the truth. God loves each one of us, even more than the wild flora & fauna. He knows what we can achieve. His definition of us isn’t limited to what we’ve done or where we are currently at. He sees our complete potential and encourages us every step of the way to a full, beautiful life.

“The people of Israel will have nothing more to do with idols; I will answer their prayers and take care of them. Like an evergreen tree I will shelter them; I am the source of all their blessings.” Hosea 14:8

As He sustains and nurtures the wild flora & fauna we can trust in Him through the good times and when we face times of pain, trouble and sorrow, through all of this we have Jesus, His son.